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Welcome To Our Team Lara L. Fritts In The Role Of Executive Vice President

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

We announced today that Lara L. Fritts, CEcD, FM has joined the company as Executive Vice President. Ms. Fritts will contribute her significant expertise in business and economic development to Community Redevelopment, which added the Executive Vice President position to provide more fuel to its already rapidly growing operation.

“We are excited to welcome Lara Fritts to Community Redevelopment. As an organization that puts people first in everything we do, it is essential for us to have the right people in the right roles, and that is particularly true of our executive leadership team,” said Community Redevelopment President, Garfield Antonio. Mr. Antonio continued, “Community Redevelopment continues to invest in our business to support our explosive growth, however, our investment in leadership must be relentless. Lara's experience and leadership will benefit our development efforts and help to improve the neighborhoods where our projects are located, as Community Redevelopment continues its momentum and prepares for our next stage of growth.”

Lara Fritts, Executive Vice President of Community Redevelopment, said, “I’ve always thought of myself as a builder at heart, and I look forward to combining my experiences with the ambition and skill of the current Community Redevelopment team to further build financial success for our company.”

Lara Fritts is a certified economic developer with over 25 years of experience in economic development, management, and technology. Her experience spans city and regional levels in both the public and private sectors assisting companies to execute their location strategies or development projects while helping communities achieve their goals. She has an expertise in building economic development organizations for elected officials having started six public-private partnerships/departments.

Lara has an extensive economic development background, having held positions in Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Utah. As the Director of Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development (SLC DED) she was the architect of developing an economic development department where she oversaw three divisions – Business Development, the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake City Arts Council. In three years, she worked to bring more than 30 new companies to Salt Lake City including UPS, Amazon, Stadler Rail, and others totaling over 9,000 jobs and nearly a billion dollars in capital investment. With her team she helped to deploy over $44 million into an affordable housing strategy creating over 3500 units throughout the city.

Lara is a sought-after speaker and consultant on real estate, community revitalization, and economic development finance. Lara gives back to the economic development profession by serving on the board of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and co-moderating Clubhouse discussions on economic development topics. Lara has a Master’s in Urban Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and a Bachelor’s degree in Regional Analysis from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.

Lara is the recipient of Consultant Connect’s Top 50 Economic Developers of 2019 and was named a Fellow Member of the International Economic Development Council in 2020 which honors economic development professionals for attaining unusual stature in their field and closely-related disciplines.

About Community Redevelopment

Community Redevelopment affords potential investors a significant opportunity to participate in the process of identifying and redeveloping entire communities and regional areas, via a publicly traded company. Community Redevelopment Inc. is a full-service real estate company with a management team that has extensive experience in acquiring, developing, constructing, and managing high-quality multifamily, and retail properties in attractive markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, as well as capital markets. The Company is focused on all aspects of the real estate development cycle including land development, design build, property operations, and site redevelopment. In addition to the ownership of our operating property portfolio, Community Redevelopment plans to develop and build desirable properties for its own account and through joint ventures with affiliated and unaffiliated partners.

Community Redevelopment, Inc. is focused on community development in urban and suburban markets and our mission is to integrate our proprietary business model by providing sustainable, long-term value to investors as we strive to provide opportunities to improve neighborhoods with residential, commercial, and industrial development projects while designing architecturally pleasing, clean, energy efficient communities and commercial structures. For more information on Community Redevelopment Inc., please contact us at (954) 233-1481, or (800) 210-9438 for those outside of the calling area. You may also visit our website at

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