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CRDV partners with Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC)

Community Redevelopment is committed to developing housing for all. One of the many populations in need of housing are our nation's military veterans. In order to address this need we have partnered with Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC) which we announced early December of last year [see Press Release Here]. BVEC recently announced the partnership in their newsletter on January 25, 2024. See excerpt and full article below.



“HOUSING FIRST” SAYS BVEC CHAIRMAN/PRESIDENT Put simply, we intend to continue to advocate for the interests and needs of Black veterans, both proficiently and professionally, as the political landscape and government relations evolves. As we continue to keep track of the government’s response to these unique challenges and opportunities, we offer ourselves as a uniquely experienced resource to help reach our cross-sector goals. This includes building on the challenges and successes of this year to make meaningful progress on BVEC’s short and long term goals to better serve Black veterans.

BVEC CONTINUES THE FIGHT FOR VETERAN BENEFITS BLACK VETERANS EMPOWERMENT COUNCIL THURSDAY, JANURARY 25 2024 Since embracing a renewed public engagement and advocacy strategy to meet the dynamic and unique needs of veterans, we have seen significant success in elevating the awareness of issues faced daily by Black veterans, strengthening relationships with key Congressional stakeholders, and delivering for our nation’s heroes on the local, state and federal level.

BVEC has also found success in developing new partnerships such as our strategic affiliation with housing company Community Redevelopment inc. (CRDV). In their press release announcing the partnership with BVEC, CRDV CEO Richard Balles states, “Combining our resources with the BVEC, allows us to now predetermine Veteran housing needs as we acquire and then re-design properties to meet specific needs of these heroes.”

Download the PDF Below to READ BVEC's FULL NEWSLETTER.

BVEC 2023 Newsletter FD
Download PDF • 1.77MB

For more information about Community Redevelopment and our mission visit our website HERE. Learn more about BVEC HERE.



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